Sometimes, it seems as though the holidays are endless. Here we are, still trying to observe National Bourbon Heritage Month, and someone’s gone and thrown National Coffee Day into the mix. Never fear, you don’t have to choose between these two loves. Today, you get to eat your cake and have it too. Or to be more accurate, drink your coffee and your bourbon together.

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I received samples of two of Godiva Coffee’s delicious seasonal flavors – Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Pecan Bark. Since they’re from Godiva, it goes without saying that the flavors are exceptional, and they certainly don’t need any help from TheBeerLady or anyone else to turn them into a top-notch cup of coffee. All they need is a coffeemaker or a French press.

But being TheBeerLady, there was no choice but to find a way to turn a wonderful cup of coffee into an equally wonderful cocktail. Inspired by the traditional goodness of Irish Coffee, it seemed only logical to put a little whiskey to use. To be specific, a bit of an American original: bourbon. Tuaca, an Italian liqueur, adds a sweet hint of vanilla. Paired with Godiva’s Pumpkin Spice coffee, they create the perfect drink for sipping in front of a roaring fire on a cool fall evening.

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Kentucky Pumpkin Spice Coffee recipe

5 mins Prep Time

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  • 1 oz. bourbon
  • 1/2 oz. Tuaca liqueur
  • 6-8 oz. Godiva Pumpkin Spice coffee, hot
  • Sugar or sweetener
  • 1-2 oz. heavy cream


  1. Add the bourbon and Tuaca to a heat-resistant mug.
  2. Top off with Godiva Pumpkin Spice coffee.
  3. Stir in approximately 1 teaspoon sugar, or more to taste.
  4. Float the cream on top of the hot coffee. Do not stir!