For some, part of the fun of a cocktail is the thrill of the hunt. The challenge of searching out that great new cocktail recipe, liqueur or spirit is an exciting quest.  Which brings us to VeeV.

VeeV is labeled as a liqueur, but forget that cough syrup-y stuff with the neon colors. It’s a  neutral spirit infused with acai, as well as prickly pear and acerola cherry. If you’ve been living under a rock, acai is the Brazilian ‘superfruit’ that’s showing up in pretty much any product you can imagine, because it’s said to be one of the healthiest foods out there. That doesn’t mean that VeeV is a health drink (it makes no health claims at all), but acai definitely has at least one benefit: it tastes good. VeeV has a light, fruity flavor without being cloyingly sweet. It works well in cocktails without being overpowering.

VeeV makes The BeerLady feel virtuous for another reason – it’s eco-friendly. The distillery uses renewable wind energy, and other than the acai, all ingredients are produced locally (acai grows only in Brazil). The bottles are made with partially recycled glass, printed with soy ink, and capped with a synthetic cork. VeeV also puts its money where its mouth is, figuratively speaking. The company is a member of 1% for the Planet, a business organization who members donate a minimum of 1% of profits to environmental causes. And for every bottle of VeeV purchased, $1 is donated to Brazilian rainforest preservation.

If you’re trying VeeV for the first time, you may be surprised just how easy it is to use in a cocktail. If you like elaborate concoctions, of course, have at it, but there’s no fuss necessary. The BeerLady has tried it in place of rum or vodka in several recipes, and have found it works well in most ‘fruity’ recipes. (Not so much with the Cuba Libre or the Cape Cod, but it’s a matter of taste.)  Here’s an easy summer recipe to get you started.

Yields 1

Skinny Acai Lemonade
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  • 1.5 oz. VeeV Acai Spirit
  • 2 lemon wedges
  • 5 oz. agave syrup
  • Club soda


  1. Squeeze the lemon wedges and add to shaker with ice.
  2. Add the VeeV and the agave syrup, and shake well.
  3. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass and top off with club soda.
  4. Serve garnished with a lemon wedge and a sprig of mint.